ISO/IEC 9001

ISO9001QMS "There is no substitute for practical experience! One of the most important ingredients an ISO 9000 consultant can bring is that they have actually been a part of an ISO 9000 registration (rather than merely talking about it). Experience will often allow clients to avoid costly mistakes and most certainly will reduce the learning curve-which will always prove to be a good investment".
Dr. Jack E. Small, in his book "ISO 9000 for Executives" Lanchester Press.

Access to extensive Professional ISO 9001 Consulting Expertise.
Our ISO 9001 Consultants have had a wide range of industrial and business exposure, which means we can provide you with a person that is familiar with your industry when you want to become ISO 9001 accredited. You can use us on an ad-hoc basis for an hour or two at a time, or we can do spot in-house ISO 9001 audits for you, or we can provide a complete ISO 9001 Consultant Service to develop your ISO 9001 compliant system and make it ready for the ISO 9001 Accreditation Audit.
We can even organise the ISO 9001 Certification Body and escort their Quality System Auditor about when they do the ISO 9001 Compliance Audit of your business.

Create new Business Opportunities with Your ISO 9001 System.
Perhaps the greatest advantage you get is our commitment to help your business improve and grow in health and profitability. When we work with you on your ISO 9001 certification we want to help you build a great business. Our greatest satisfaction is seeing our clients thrive and grow, knowing that we helped build the ideal ISO 9001 quality management system for them.
Our promise to you is that we will input our best knowledge and experience into your business, and coach you to build a ISO 9001 quality management system that continually
Methodology We follow a holistic approach in the development of QMS as per ISO standards by considering all opportunities of enhancing enterprise performance to achieve total customer satisfaction. Our emphasis will be on "internal customer-supplier" relationship, which ultimately leads to external customer satisfaction.
We involve as many people as feasible in the system development and implementation and strongly encourage working as a TEAM and act as a catalyst for full management commitment to the entire process.
The ISO 9001 Quality Management System is specifically designed to make organizations capable of reducing the waste and improve the business by applying the control over the production process rather than the finished product. This Quality Management Standard is integrated with other standards like ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
All types of businesses, whether small, medium and large can opt for QMS ISO 9001 certification. This is of immense benefit keeping in mind the fact that more and more clients are insisting that their suppliers or service providers are ISO 9001 certified. Hence, it is obvious that if you fail to have this accreditation, you will miss out on a number of business opportunities. The trained and experienced professionals at Mehr Global Consultants (MEHR) help to implement an effective QMS within your organization. Organizations with a well-designed quality management system will definitely fulfill customer expectations and be compliant with regulatory standards. This in turn increases the brand equity amongst customers, shareholders, suppliers, regulators and the community at large.
Key features of QMS ISO 9001 Certification
QMS ISO 9001 Certification incorporates a step-by step procedure involving the following:

QMS ISO 9001 Certification is a very effective tool to improve business performance through a systematic methodology of managing an organization's day to day affairs. Based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act Model (PDCA), the QMS ISO 9001 Certification is focused on continually improving an organization's image through addressing the inputs and outputs of the processes.

QMS ISO 9001 Training Programs
Who should attend this certification training course?: This course is suited for any professional interested in understanding the significant role that QMS plays in an organization, quality auditors who would assess their own company's quality performance or suppliers performance as a customer auditor.
Course Content: Introduction to QMS ISO 9001 standards and codes, auditing procedures and project leadership skills, QMS implementation and integration with business procedures, process mapping and quality planning, problem solving and risk assessment, defect and failure analysis
Training and Certification Methodology: Interactive classrooms, workshops, practical exposure to business procedures, seminars and final assessment.

QMS ISO 9001 Benefits
The QMS ISO 9001 training and certification program provides long-term benefits to organizations through implementation of effective environmental standards from which the following advantages are derived